Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My Buddy

I have not had much time for any original thoughts as of late, but in my browsing of some of my old files I found the lyrics I typed out for a song I wanted to sing for my son on the day of his dedication. That was about four years ago, and of course I chickened out. But these lyrics mean so much. At least I can share it with you now.

To my buddy, Noah.

Halo - My Buddy

Pointing in endless directions, looking lost
as a pup
Reaching out for my hand, falling, then
getting up
Tugging on my trousers, crying for his way
My little boy is growing, he looked like me today
He looked like me today

My buddy sees me living, my buddy sees
me fall
My buddy is a mirror, hanging on the wall
My buddy sees me silent, my buddy
hears me talk
And my buddy will see Jesus, if in His life I

Mocking all my motions, he learns how to
Walking in my footsteps, hearing advice I
Sometimes I sit and wonder, just where
with him I stand
A tear comes as I realize, his life is in my
His life is in my hands


Now he’s growing older, as he kneels to
He says “God bless all your children,”
and then I hear him say
He says “Jesus I love You, and for Your
love I’m glad
But there’s just one thing I want to be, is
just like my dad.”


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