Saturday, August 27, 2005


For those of you who do not know I have two really good guys who I get together with weekly, you guys would know them as Moose and CWG.

I can remember a time when I had such an incredible desire to meet with other men and nobody to meet with. I just wanted to know what it was like to be a man from another man's point of view, since I didn't seem to know. It hurt because I couldn't find anybody willing to share their heart with me. Some of the guys that I approached at the church I was going to at the time liked the idea but couldn't find the value in actually making time to do it, other men I knew felt extremely threatened by the idea of going that intimate a level with another man. Come on now, we are men, we don't have those gushy feelings. We don't need anybody else, we are self sufficient.

At this time I was going through so much in life, I had just come out of a bad pornography addiction, my marriage was on the mend and I was a new father. I was going from dead end job to dead end job and trying to find my place in the world.

What does it mean to be a man? I wanted to know because from my perspective I wasn't doing very good at being one. I wanted to connect heart to heart.

My cry continued for another year or so until we started to go to the Church that we now call home and our family. This Church was constantly calling people into deeper relationships with God and each other. Surely I could find somebody who shared my hearts cry here. And sure enough, in our new care group a guy shared his testimony. He was kind of a funny looking guy but that didn't matter (just bugs). In his testimony he shared the same heart cry and the last words in he said in his testimony was "I'm just looking for a friend". Well I approached him afterwards and said I was looking for a friend too. Ever since then we have been like pea and carrots (Gump quote for those of you who do not know). We have not been able to get together as much as we probably would like to as he has 5 kids and I have 4 so we are kind of limited. But no matter what we know we are together in spirit.

We have challenged each other and seen each other to grow as men and as fathers, and to love our wives more. There is no topic that is taboo and I can tell him anything. He has been there for me and I for him (well I hope I have been there for him, he certainly has been for me). He is my best friend and I value him very highly. He is a man of God and a man of principle and I have so much to learn from him. I am honored that he calls me friend. I am talking about CWG if you didn't figure that out yet.

This year we had another friend join us in our Thursday night meetings, his name is Moose. Both CWG and I noticed that same heart that we have in him, and he fit in with us like corn with our peas and carrots. He has gone through some incredible battles of late. And though battle scared, he is shining brightly with the radiance of Christ. He always has an encouraging word for you even though some things in his life are kind of challenging for him right now.

So now I have been doubly blessed. Just like the time we couldn't afford a bike or bike trailer (for the kids) and Sarah prayed and we were given six bikes and two bike trailers in a matter of
two months, sometimes God answers in abundance.

There have been many others in my church that I have been able to build relationships with as well and I am not intentionally leaving anybody out. What I have with CWG and Moose is not reserved for them only as God's calling on my life is for more of this. This is what brothers is truly about.


Okay this was just too funny to not post. This is Weird Al's version of Avril Lavigne's song, Complicated. Which I thing we have all heard at least a million times. These lyrics are hilarious, I busted my gut listening to the song. And since I cannot share the actual song with you I will share the lyrics in typical Firestarter fashion

Weird Al - Constipated (Avril Lavigne - Complicated)

Pizza party at your house,
I went just to check it out.
19 extra larges,
What a shame, no one came.
Just us, eatin' all alone,
You said take the pizza home.
No sense lettin' all this go to waste,
So then I faced

Pizza all day, and everyday, there's cheese round the clock,
It's gettin' me blocked, And I sure don't care, for irregularity.

Tell me,
Why'd you have to go and make me so constipated?
Cause right now I'd do anything to just get my bowels evacuated,
In the bathroom.
I sit and I wait and I strain and I sweat and I clench and I feel the pain
Oh, should've taken laxatives or had my colon irrigated.
No, no, no.

I was feelin' pretty down,
'Til my girlfriend came around.
We're just so alike in every way, I gotta say.
In fact, I just thought I might,
pop the question there that night.
I was kissing her so tenderly,
But woe is me.

Who would have guessed, her family crest.
I suddenly spy, tattoo'd on her thigh.
And son of a gun, it's just like the one on me.
Tell me.

How was I supposed to know we were both related?
Believe me, if I knew she was my cousin we never would have dated.
What to do now?
Should I go ahead and propose to get hitched and have kids with 11 toes,
And move to Alabama where that kind of thing is tolerated.
No, no, no.

(no no no)

I had so much on my mind,
I thought maybe I'd unwind.
Try out that new roller coaster ride,
And the guide...

Said not to stand, but that's a demand,
That I couldn't meet, I got on my feet,
And stood up instead and knocked off my head you see.
Tell me.

Why'd I have to go and get myself decapitated?
This really is a major inconvenience, oh man I really hate it.
It's such a drag now.
I can't eat, I can't breathe, I can't snore, I can't belch or yodel anymore,
Can't spit or blow my nose or even read Sports Illustrated.
Oh no!

Why'd I have to go and get myself all mutilated?
I gotta tell ya, life without a head kinda makes me irritated.
What a bummer.
I can't blink, I can't cough, I can't sneeze.
But my neck is enjoying a pleasant breeze now.
Haven't been the same since my head and I were separated.
No, no, no.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Family Pictures

Well we survived and the pictures turned out great.

Myself, Carebear and our Kids

My family, plus my Mom and sister.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


I just love this song, I can't stop humming it. Noah and I had it cranked up and the 10" woofer pounding when we were running errands last night. If you get a chance to listen to it do. I think it is a fitting anthem for the Firestarter.

Burn For You - TobyMac

I'm a brand new man.I'm a conscious man.I'm a man who's burnin'for you
The mistakes I've made have been chased away to the bottom of the ocean blue.
I'm a brand new man in a foreign land.I'm a man who's feelin'that fire.
And it's all so clear when I'm standing here at the peak of my desire.
So wont you move me like you used to.I want the world to know I burn for you.

I feel revived again, I am alive again (Burnin'for you)
You got me lifted and lifted you lift me up
I feel revived again,I'm energized again(burinin'for you)
You got me lifted and lifted you lift me up

Woke up in a sweat,those ghosts in my head. Had a grip, but I slipped on by.
It's a whole new day as the darkness fades, and the sun's climbing in the sky.
I concede,my love,that I need your love.I'm before you,a broken man,and it's only you no substitutes who can renew this soul again

You got me higher than Kilimanjaro.Got me believin' I can "save the day"
I'm up and running like there ain't no tomorrow.
I'd rather burn for you than fade away.
I'd rather burn for you than go my way.

I'm a whole new guy with a whole new vibe.
Changed inside-more flame in the fire.
Can't stop,won't stop praying for desire.
Like the bunny on the screen feels so energized.
Old shell gone without a trace,new face.
No more shortness of breath,new pace.
Live life now without the taste of fear.
TOBYMAC,Double Dutch now let the smoke clear

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Email hoaxes are really starting to grind my butt. There are so many of you are propogating lies with the touch of your "forward" button, and you don't even know it!
Okay first of all I do not understand the whole "forward" thing anyways, I don't even bother reading them and if it happens often enough I kindly ask to be removed from the persons email list. If something is worth reading it usually will not start with "Fw:"
My favorite example is "Fw: You are my best friend". Wow!!! I sure felt valued when you took that whole 2 seconds to send me your deep and personal feelings about our friendship and it was written by somebody you have never even met! Anyways, thats a whole nother rant.
Email hoaxes are also sometimes called email viruses, because just like a virus these emails replicate themselves and proliferate the email system, though not becuase of malicious code. Rather because of that darn "forward" button. Just do the math, if one person sends it to 15 people on their email list, and those 15 send it to another 15 the result is exponential.

The email that has gotten me going today is this one:

Fw: Dr. Dobson & CBS Response/ KT PLEASE SIGN AND SEND ON

This email was forwarded to me by a friend, a friend with a very good heart and I know their intentions behind forwarding this so please, if you read this do not be offended, just be educated and learn your lesson.

This email states the following:

Apparently we are to be allowed to watch TV programs that use every foul word in the English Language, but not the word "God." It will only take a minute to read this and see if you think you should send it out


Dr. Dobson's only plea for action is that the truth about this hoax be discovered.

CBS discontinued "Touched by an Angel" for using the word God in every program. Madeline Murray O'Hare, an atheist, successfully managed to eliminate the use of Bible reading from public schools a few years ago. Now her organization has been granted a Federal Hearing on the same subject by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in Washington, DC.

Touched By An Angel ran its course and came to an end just like every other television series eventually does. It had nothing to do with the FCC or the mention of God just about ratings. The Hallmark channel is airing the entire 9 seasons as reruns for those of you who are interested.

Madeline Murray O'Hare
was not originally part of the hoax but was added in the 90's. It may be important to add that she has been dead for 11 years. She and two of her adult children went missing in 1995, their killer was eventually caught and pled guilty to reduced charges and in January 2001 he led police to three bodies buried on a remote Texas ranch, which proved to be O'Hair and her children.

Her organization "American Atheists" is not pursuing any actions with the FCC regarding the word "God". K. Dane Snowden, who heads the FCC's consumer bureau wishes he could finally dispel the rumor."It is one of the most fascinating urban myths that continues to grow. The FCC has no authority to ban religious programming, it literally is a myth".

Their petition, Number 2493, would ultimately pave the way to stop the reading of the gospel our Lord and Savior, on the airwaves of America.

RM-2493 was to ensure channels reserved for educational purposes not be taken up by religious groups looking to use them for a different purpose. Jeremy Lansman and Lorenzo Milam who were the real instigators asked the FCC to prevent religious organizations from obtaining licenses to operate broadcasting channels reserved for education. The author of the petition to stop Madalyn Murray O'Hair badly misrepresented RM-2493 as well as invoked a woman (crowned as the "most hated woman in America" in 1964 by Life magazine) who wasn't ever part of the deal.

They got 287,000 signatures to back their stand! If this attempt is successful, all Sunday worship services being broadcast on the radio or by television will be stopped. This group is also campaigning to remove all Christmas programs and Christmas carols from public schools!! You as a Christian (or any other religious background) can help!

The statement about Christmas programs and carols is a more recent addition to the hoax and did not exist in earlier versions. It is intended to make this claim that much more urgent and emotional.

We are praying for at least 1 million signatures.

Signatures are not possible via email, leaving your name and city does not have the same validation that a signature on a petition would. For more information click here.

This would defeat their effort and show that there are many Christians alive, well and concerned about our country. As Christians we must unite on this. Please don't take this lightly.

We ignored this lady once and lost prayer in our school and in offices across the nation.

Please stand up for your religious freedom and let your voice be heard. Together we can make a difference in our country while creating and for the
lost to know the Lord.

If the text seems aimed more at persuading than informing the reader, be suspicious. Like propagandists, hoaxers are more interested in pushing people's emotional buttons than communicating accurate information.

Please press "forward", and forward this to everyone that you think should read this.

Now, please sign your name at the bottom (you can only add your name after you have pressed the "Forward").

Look for the telltale phrase, 'Forward this to everyone you know!' The more urgent the plea, the more suspect the message.

Don't delete any other names, just go to the next Number and type your name and state . Please defeat this organization and keep the right of our freedom of religion.

When you get to 1500 please email back to: "Lisa Norman"

The email address does not exist and any emails being sent to it are returned.

REMEMBER: Our country was founded on freedom of religion and our Constitution is based on the 10 Commandments.

Wow, what a claim.

We need to be clear about jurisdictional lines. Anything petition that crosses state borders let alone international borders usually has little influence on law making. A petition is to represent the people that the law is going to directly influence. To think that any US congressman would care anything about what we here in Canada thought about a law that has no bearing on us is ridiculous.

Dr Dobson himself has been trying to defeat this lie with little success, there is a complete article here as well as an audio commentary by Dobson himself.

The FCC has been flooded with letters regarding this hoax for nearly 30 years as this lie first started with good old fashioned paper and envelopes. Between 1975 and 1995, more than 30 million pieces of mail decrying RM-2493 had been received by the FCC. The FCC's official statement regarding this claim is found here

Hitler used propaganda to fuel his Nazi revolution, his propaganda brain washed many intelligent people. In agreement with Dobson I believe that this propaganda is an attempt by the enemy to create confusion amongst Christians. Divide and conquer. Please do not be part of the spreading of a lie, and make sure that before you hit the "Forward" button that you do your research. If you google the terms "Murray O'Hare" and "Dobson" you will get page after page of websites informing you about this lie, it is just that easy.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Next to being a man of God and husband there is no greater calling on my life than being a father. I cannot express how much I love my kids and what a blessing they are to me. My youngest is number four in our litter. She has an amazing ability to pull my heart strings. I think that God wired us as fathers with a special love for our daughters. Not that God hasn't wired us with a special love for our sons as well, but it is different. I will be the first to admit that I love my boys differently than my girls, not more, just differently.

I have studied my sister over the years and noted how that need for the daddy love which she feels she never got has affected her life. As a result I have committed myself to loving my girls and giving them everything that they need. I plan to spoil them for their future husbands. Raising the bar if you will. So that when these little punks come around my girls will not be so easily enticed. Being treated with respect and having gentlemanly manners will not be and option it will just be expected or hit the road jack, because that is how their Daddy treated them.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


Wow, here is a tear jerker. This is the only poem I ever wrote that actually rhymes. I wrote this shortly before breaking up with Sarah, but there is a whole nother story behind that which I will share sometime.


She makes the choices she knows are all wrong
She doesn't want to, yet she continues on

The love we had and the feelings we shared
When they went away left me lonley, confused and scared

She can't make sence of it in her head
She chooses not to think about it instead

I don't know what to do because I still care
But I can't find the woman I love inside her anywhere

I know that she is still somewhere deep inside
But she chooses to run and hide

What we once had was beyond compare
But when it dissapeared I couldn't find it anywhere

I struggle and try to let her go
But no matter what, she is still in my soul

Friday, August 19, 2005

Love In The Rain

This is somewhat related to Carebear's post on " What's the weather like over there?".
Unlike her I am not the type to run out in the rain and let it drench me and enjoy it. I am more typically the type to run away and do whatever it takes to stay dry.
When we have gotten caught in the rain my wife has said to me many times "don't run, God is pouring his blessing on you, enjoy it". There are also many songs that use rain as a metaphor for God's blessing over us, so it got me thinking.

The rain does not choose where to fall, it just falls - It is not how good your were that made the rain fall on you and their isn't anything you could possibly do that could make it rain any more. Some choose to stay sheltered from the rain, while others embrace it.

The rain washes clean - Everyone knows that beautiful smell that comes just after the rain, you can't describe it, it is just the smell of clean. All the dust, all the smokey smog, all of the filth and grime from day to day life, washed away into the sewer never to be seen again.

The rain is essential for growth - We are all to familiar here on the prairies with drought. Everything dries up and turns yellow, the ground cracks. But then the rain comes and new life springs up all over the place. Green sprouts pop out barren lands, flowers bloom, things that are dying become replenished and have a new hope for life.

If you take a minute and take the words "rain" out of the above 3 statements and replace them with "God's love", you will see the point I am trying to make.

I didn't do anything for God to love me. He just does, because HE IS LOVE and I am His.

It was God's rain that cleansed us forever. I was in the depths of my despair covered by darkness and lies. I chose to turn to Him. It is then in, in that one moment that a drop of His rain, a glimpse of love shone through the darkness and BAM!!! The power of drought and darkness lost its grip. And His love breaks through.
God sent the eternal rain, Jesus. The ultimate atonement for my sin. The lamb who’s blood covers all my wrong doings until the end of time.

His love spurs me on to grow. I desire to know him better because he sought me out and called me home. My devotion towards Him is my response to His great love. He loved me first.

One other thought, God's rain is essential to create more rain (remember the "evaporation cycle" from elementary school?). I need His love to continually pulse through my veins so that I can walk that love in my life and with every person I meet. So when I see that brother or sister who is so broken inside and cannot stand on their own, I can share the rain and help them stand.

I just found this article when searching for a picture of rain for my blog it is a different perspective than my own but very well written and a very good read.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Pure Online

I just found out about this great service that is being offered for men struggling with pornography addiction. It is call Pure Online and is a 30 day program that can help with recovery. It is 100% Christian based and uses biblical principals and truths to build a foundation upon which a man desiring to be free from pornography can finally achieve success.

Maybe yourself or someone you know is struggling in this area, here is help. It is costly at $150.00USD but what price tag can you put on sexual purity?

Watch the demo at

I will be posting soon on pornography addiction in the church.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Sword

The 90's saw the rise of a new man. Men were tired of being defined by the Al Bundy's and Homer Simpson’s and knew that a change had to take place. Men saw a need to get off the couch and on their knees and start to take their God given places as the leaders of their homes.
This is what was birthed in the hearts of the men who wanted to see change on a massive scale and started to call out using the venue of large conferences across the country. Of course this movement is called Promise Keepers. Hundreds of thousands of men for the first time were presented with the sword. This sword represented everything that God intended for manhood including integrity, purity, love and most of all leadership.

Most men learned from their own fathers what it meant to be a father and husband, but even they didn't know how to hold that sword. The man ruled his house with an iron fist. The wife and the children were prim and proper and full of respect......or else. There was no respect here, just fear. So instead of holding the sword high over their heads as a symbol of God's anointing, they used held it over their wives and children in a position of threatening and dictatorship. The sword was abused.
The feminst movement swept in in the sixties and ripped the sword away from all men, not just the abusers. In retrospect it is very easy to how it was these abusers that birthed the feminists movement by the harshness in which they ruled their families, not liberal women. But unfortunatley women, even feminists were not anointed to hold the sword either and so it got put in the closet and eventually buried under all the other crap in our lives.

There are many places we could put the blame for our condition, maybe it is the fact that many of our grandfathers were new immigrants to this nation and were far too busy plowing the soil and building the homestead than to be a father to our fathers. Or maybe it was that self-reliant immigrant attitude that "I am going to find a plot of land somewhere in the middle of nowhere and start my life, and I don't need anybody's help" that passed on to our fathers generation. Regardless many of our fathers (pre baby boom generation) felt abandon, loveless and alone.

Many of us Generation X'ers were raised by these men, and the cry for the love of the father has amplified.

Now that we know where we came from, where are we now? My desire for my generation is that they would be the new man. The ones who see the holes left in their hearts from the lack of love from their earthly father and fill it with the love of the heavenly father. The ones who know that we can not do this all on our own and cry out for help from other brothers in the Lord. We are the ones who are just learning to hold that sword up high but constantly surrendering it back to the father because we just don't know how to hold it (yet). We are the ones who see the hurt we have cause our wives by not leading our families. This made them have to try and lead our familes swordless, a positon which they were not anointed for. This caused hurt and resentment in our wives because somebody had to lead in our place. We are the ones who are going into the closet to get that sword and take back the leadership from our wives with humbleness and a heart of repentance. We are the ones who will love our children and make sure they know they are loved. We will not stand by and watch them grow up in a society of love deficiency where they need the find love in every place but their fathers. We will realize that we as men represent God in the hearts and lives of our children.

We will stand firm against the generational curses and declare in the heavenlies that THIS CRAP STOPS HERE!!!!!

Men this is your call. We are a new generation, we need not be hampered by the sins of our fathers. We need not let what was started however many generations ago continue through our lines. God is raising us up he is calling us, the question is will we listen???? Men get up off your couches tonight, turn off the TV, stop being so quiet in the church and forcing our women into roles for which they were never intended. Get on your knees, repent for the areas of your life where you have not been the man God is calling you to be, stop hiding, stop running away! You know the truth now, there is no escaping it, no going back!

Seize this day, this is the day, the awakening of the new man, the new you. Your sins will no longer hold you back, they are the old man. The choice is yours, and really it is a choice. Will you look at your feet and all the crap that is oozing and squishing between your toes and concentrate on just how dirty your feet are? Or will you make that conscious choice to look up. I don't care about your addiction, God is bigger!!!! I don't care who you think you are, the Holy Spirit is alive inside of you and again He is bigger.

Men, join with me, grab your sword and hold it high, you are anointed to carry it. It may seem heavy at first. You may have to give it back to the father when you see that you are abusing it. You may have to call on a couple other Godly men to come beside you and help you lift it until you can lift it on your own BUT IT IS YOURS. Your name shimmers in fire on the blade followed by the words "Anointed One". It cannot be passed.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Good Bye Brother

Pastor Dwayne Harms passed away yesterday morning at 7:30. Dwayne was diagnosed with terminal cancer approximatley 3 months ago.

I did not know Dwayne but he has touched me none the less through his blog.
I know I have taken for granted how fragile life can be. I have been challenged to take joy through the pains of life but none of mine have been physical, Dwayne showed me how to praise God even in the midst of physical pain.
Dwayne finished well and there is no doubt in my mind that Jesus will embrace him and say "Well done good and faithful servant".
I am challenged to love life more through Dwayne's death, so I would just like to say thank you Dwayne, see you on the other side.


Casting Crowns - Lifesong

Empty hands held high
Such small sacrifice
If not joined with my life
I sing in vain tonight

May the words I say
And the things I do
Make my lifesong sing
Bring a smile to You

Let my lifesong sing to You
Let my lifesong sing to You
I want to sign your name to the end of this day
Knowing that my heart was true
Let my lifesong sing to You

Lord, I give my life
A living sacrafice
To reach a world in need
To be Your hands and feet

So may the words I say
And the things I do make my lifesong sing
Bring a smile to you


Let my lifesong sing to You

Chorus: (2x’s)

Monday, August 15, 2005

Identity & Vision

I had coffee this morning with a very wise friend. We talked a little about some of the struggles I have had as an entrepreneur and as a family man, both of which boil down to leadership.
I have really struggled with this area which God keeps bringing me back to. He is not going let up on this one with me because it just seems like I don't get it.
Vision is defined by as - Unusual competence in discernment or perception; intelligent foresight: a leader of vision.
Vision also refers to our physical eyes and how well we can see. A leader of vison should be able to see the past and present and learn from mistakes and making adjustments in your course to avoid making those same mistakes.
Another definition I just love is the definition of insanity - attempting the same thing with the same variables and expecting different results. Which is what I have been doing. So basically I am in insane and not a visionary.
Well how many men out there can say that they have a solid plan for their family and or business? I would guess that these days not many. Many have fallen into the Homer Simpson mode of manhood which is basically like cruise control on your car. Set your speed and let it go and if you fall asleep at the wheel oh well. No wonder our women have seen it there place to lead our families.
When a person starts to try to formulate a vision for the future you quickly find out where your self worth is at. Are you a cup half full or empty kind of guy?

The Bible says this about me (am you!)

I am accepted...

John 1:12 - I am God's child.
John 15:15 - As a disciple, I am a friend of Jesus Christ.
Romans 5:1 - I have been justified.
1 Corinthians 6:17 - I am united with the Lord, and I am one with Him in spirit.
1 Corinthians 6:19-20 - I have been bought with a price and I belong to God.
1 Corinthians 12:27 - I am a member of Christ's body.
Ephesians 1:3-8 - I have been chosen by God and adopted as His child.
Colossians 1:13-14 - I have been redeemed and forgiven of all my sins.
Colossians 2:9-10 - I am complete in Christ.
Hebrews 4:14-16 - I have direct access to the throne of grace through Jesus Christ.

I am secure...

Romans 8:1-2 - I am free from condemnation.
Romans 8:28 - I am assured that God works for my good in all circumstances.
Romans 8:31-39 - I am free from any condemnation brought against me and I cannot be separated from the love of God.
2 Corinthians 1:21-22 - I have been established, anointed and sealed by God.
Colossians 3:1-4 - I am hidden with Christ in God.
Philippians 1:6 - I am confident that God will complete the good work He started in me.
Philippians 3:20 - I am a citizen of heaven.
2 Timothy 1:7 - I have not been given a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.
1 John 5:18 - I am born of God and the evil one cannot touch me.

I am significant...

John 15:5 - I am a branch of Jesus Christ, the true vine, and a channel of His life.
John 15:16 - I have been chosen and appointed to bear fruit.
1 Corinthians 3:16 - I am God's temple.
2 Corinthians 5:17-21 - I am a minister of reconciliation for God.
Ephesians 2:6 - I am seated with Jesus Christ in the heavenly realm.
Ephesians 2:10 - I am God's workmanship.
Ephesians 3:12 - I may approach God with freedom and confidence.
Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

What kind of vision could I have for my life if I really believed these things. I am not just one insignificant human wondering around this earth until I die. I am empowered by the power that created this universe. That’s like an ant being hooked up to the energy source for a city the size of New York.

I love seeing people have gotten this. They just know that they know that they know their identity in Christ. They are who God has created them to be and they don't care what the world thinks of them. There are the "just be'ers". Half the world hates the, the other half wants what they have even though they don't know what that is.

Questions to ponder

So how can you have vision if you have not yet accepted your identity? Better question is where are you getting your identity from right now? Your friends? Your position in your job? Your role in your family? Your intellect?

Ask yourself if you were to strip all those things away, would you be naked and ashamed or clothed in a robe of righteousness?

Sunday, August 14, 2005


I though this was kind of interesting. I was going through some old files and came accross this poem I wrote back when I was dating my beautiful wife. I used to think I was quite the poet. I used poetry to get me through the hard times I went through with her. Many of my poems are quite dark but not this one, this one was written shortly after an Alanon meeting that I went to. It was there that I came back to my Lord Jesus after parting from him for 3-4 years. It was beautiful and he gave me relief from the pain I was going through. Serenity is about what it felt like to have that pain lifted and being brought back into His presence.


A light shines through the darkness

Day breaks upon my cool frosted soul

A feeling of warmth comes over me and I open my eyes

The beauty of the world around me overcomes my emotions and I cannot help but to weep

How long had I taken this all for granted

How long have I looked through these hate stained glasses

What has changed

Has the world around me changed?

I ponder on this for a while and come to the conclusion that nothing has changed

Just me

I float down a crystal clear stream letting the water flow through me and cleanse my soul

The stream gentley carries me down to a lake that is just as pure as the stream

I swim around, carefree as bubbles that feel like sparkles consume and relax me

I get out of the water and stand on my now stable feet, and as the Son beats upon my naked chest the pure whiteness reflects off of me and shines so bright that it blinds the sun

As I slosh through the sand and feel it ooze between my toes, I feel my troubles, worries, ambitions and everything else that has weighed me down for so long draining out and being left as footprints in the sand

The pure water then laps upon the shore and washes them away

I look around and see the dark forest surrounding me

I decide to ingnore it this time and continue towards the light

Friday, August 12, 2005

WD40 & Duct Tape

All you ever need in life is WD40 and Duct Tape.

If it moves and it shouldn't, use Duct Tape.

If it doesn't move and it should, use WD40.


Isn't this tagging stuff for women?? Oh well, I guess I will have to explore my feminine side.

10 years ago:

Hmmm, I was 18. The year was 1995. I think I was attending Even Hardy Collegiate and I think I was about to meet Sarah or already had. I think we were basically spending every waking moment together and skipping school to stay home and watch Mr Dressup, ect and eating my Mom out of house an home. I think I would have still owned my 1985 Capri RS and doing lots of street racing and such.

1 year ago:

Umm, probably pretty much where I am right now except that I had one kid less in the litter.


Worked during the day and got to hang out with ma boyz Moose and CWG in the evening! Oh yeah, I baked some chocolate chip muffins too.


Going to the thriving metropolis of Waldheim for their centennial celebrations. Why you may ask? Well, I have a deep abiding love for the town of Waldheim, my families roots go back 100 years to the founding fathers of the town and we have an incredible heritage there. Even look at the name, Waldheim, Waldherr are we seeing some similarities???


Actually the only people I know in Waldheim are our good friends the Blocks. Kelly is the Mayor and Milton her husband is very involved in setting up the centennial celebrations. And....they have invited our club, Saskatoon Off Road Radio Control Club (SORRCC) to come join them. The have built us an incredible track which we will have fun on destroying our RC cars to the cheering of the crowds.

5 snacks I enjoy:

#1 Wendy's Fries dipped in Frosty!! (don't knock it till you try it)
#2 Elephant Ears, Spud nuts ect
#3 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (or CCCD) and most cake batters
#4 Pancakes, crepes, french toast & waffles ("And in the morning, I'm making waffles") with custard sauce, mmmmmmmm
#5 Pretty much anything chocolate or deep fried or both (mmmm deep fried Mars bar)

Best Impression:

What the heck am I supposed to put here?

5 things I would do with a million dollars:

#1 Feed and buy houses for the needy (AKA my family)
#2 Fund church and missionary stuff
#3 Save
#4 Invest
#5 Can you say Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution?!?!

5 Locations I would like to run away to:

Dunno, never really thought about it much. Would love to see the Holy land and tour round Israel and probably check out some European countries but I am mostly a home-body.

5 bad habits:

Hmmm most of those I wouldn't share but here are a couple I can think of that are not too private:
#1 Holding my sneezes in
#2 Passing gas around my wife and family (if you get to know me really well I will share it with you as well)
#3 Scratching the inside of my ears with Qtips
#4 Being way to introverted (in an extroverted kind of way)
#5 Yelling at my kids (really need to work on that one)

5 things I Love doing:

#1 Spending time with my family
#2 Fragging my friends in Battlefield 1942
#3 Vicariously living my dreams racing RC's
$4 Flying high on a dirt bike or quad
#5 Street racing (but I don't so that now that I am a responsible adult...........unless I am behind the wheel of a powerful car and that doesn't happen very much anymore and besides I don't do that anymore............much)

5 things I would never wear:

#1 Speedo (that would just be scary)
#2 Ankle high black socks while wearing shorts
#3 Hip huggers (you never know what may come in style for men next)
#4 Boxers (all men need a little support)
#5 Sunglasses (unless the were prescription or I was wearing contacts otherwise you might as well give me a white cane)

This is taking way too long to complete, how do you guys find the time?

5 favorite movies:

#1 NAPOLEON DYNAMITE!!!! (long live the looser!)

#2 Saving Private Ryan
#3 Gladiator
#4 Lord of the Rings (All)
#5 Starwars (All)

Honorable mention
The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (If you have not seen this Trailer you have got to watch it, brings tears to my eyes)
In theaters December 9, 2005

5 famous people I would like to meet:

Dunno, don't really care much for famous people

5 biggest joys at the moment:

#1 Being a husband to the most beautiful woman in the world!!
#2 Being a father to the best kids anyone could hope for
#3 Learning what it means to be a man of God and raising the sword
#4 Being a servant to my customers
#5 Being a part of my family at Hope

5 of my favorite toys:

#1 Any of my powerful computers
#2 Our new Canon A510 digital camera
#3 My Palm Treo 600
#4 Logitech Z680 Home Theatre
#5 My RC's

Wow I am done, please do not tag me anymore as this was way too much work for what it was worth.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

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The Awakening!!

I have always been a believer in Promise Keepers. Yes there has been some question as to the administration and vision and other controversies, but there message has always remained the same, "Men stand up and embrace your calling". This can never be wrong.
This October there will be a conference in Regina and I am very excited. I went a couple years ago with some very special brothers from the church and we had a great time together. The most important thing is to not let what you learn at these conferences get forgotten. It is great to come back home with a new fire and passion for Jesus, but that doesn't mean much if it fades away in a week.
Should be a great time, come join us if your are interested. I will post more in the months to come before the event.

For more info:

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Please comment

I just changed the setting that allows anybody including non-registered members to post. Should have done this sooner, sorry.

Just Be.......

Wow what a lesson this has been for me. I have been struggling in my Christian walk, my foundations are being rocked on every side. I am taking all the pressures of my life including my present and future and they are crushing me. And then I hear......just be. What a concept. I like the term "sparrow faith". God looks after even the sparrows, then how much more will He look after me as a heir of His throne. The sparrow does not frett where its next meal will come from, neither should I.
It is amazing what just being does. Whenever the thought comes to me about some huge decision I have to make, I am simply confronting that thought with "that is in God's hands not mine". I don't need to worry about anything becuase He is in control. I am just here to serve, to listen to Daddy's voice.
I have been way too focused on myself and staring at my feet and my circumstances. If God wants to move me He will. What a concept. I am so much more relaxed. I am not worried about that problem that may pounce on me around the corner. When I run into s situation with a client and am asking God what do you want me to learn through this? Embrace the trials for you will emerge on the other side with a blessing and knowlege how to slay that dragon the next time you face him.

You know what happens when you run from a dragon? You get burned in the butt!!!

Well I have some pretty charded buns, and I have douced the flames with my own tears.

Unqualified To Drive\Live

Were you driving today? Try and think of your drive to work or wherever you were going and ask yourself how aware were you of your driv...