Monday, February 26, 2007

She's Here

Elishah Caleb was born 3pm February 24th, 2007 weighing in at 6lbs 7oz. Perfectly healthy and as cute as can be!!

Well, it was quite an adventure the last couple of days. I will try to give the "Readers Digest" edition.

Feb 22nd - 11am Doctors appointment, the doctor confirms baby is head up again and schedules another ECV (manually turning the baby) and induction to follow so that she does not turn again.

Feb 23rd - Arrive at hospital at 10am for ECV but Sarah thinks that she turned again in the night. Ultrasound confirms it, and it is off to the birthing ward.

After a bad IV the drip is started and small contractions start quickly. Sarah labors for the rest of the day with painful contractions but little change. By 8pm contractions are extremely painful, Sarah and I are exhausted. Doctor does one more painful internal exam and recommends turning everything off and trying again the next day. We gladly agree.

We move rooms and even though Sarah doesn't have the drip on she continues contracting through the night.

Feb 24th - Even though it was a bad sleep, it was sleep none the less and we both wake up somewhat ready to try again. After a refreshing shower, some toast and a new IV we are on the drip again by 9am. Thankfully the painful contaractions through the night had helped to dialate Sarah to 5cm.

Contractions got painful very quickly and at noon and internal exam revealed that she was still only 5cm, which was very discouraging. Near 1pm Sarah finally got her epidural and a smile was back on her face.

Water broke an hour later, but still only 5cm and by most nurses opinion not ready. After a short nap Sarah says she felt the baby kick and move down and tells me to get the nurse because this baby is coming. Nurse comes in and tells Sarah to calm down the baby is not ready yet. Sarah force the nurse to examine her and she feels the babys head.

Well panic sets in as there is not a doctor to be found. A surgeon comes in, and leaves, then an obstetrician and coaches Sarah to deliver the head. As soon as the head crowns Sarah's doctor magically appears just in time to catch the baby as she slides out (doesn't even have to to get her greens on and delivers the baby wearing a $200 white blouse and black leather pants).

Ten minutes old and Elishah is already straining to open her eyes and get a glimpse of this world. She takes the breast and shows how strong her suck reflex is.

More to come......

Sunday, February 11, 2007

We're in & SHBE Conference 2006

On Tuesday night (the night after the carpet was installed) Noah very proudly moved into his new room.

We moved down the following night. Other than it being a little chilly, huge and no closets, it is starting to feel like our room.
Unfortunatley the finishing costs are much higher than anticipated and doors and trim will have to wait.

Another Home Schooling conference came and went. It has been something we look forward to every year and this year was no acception. Unfortunatley it was somewhat dissapointing as the focus was not nearly as "Christian" as it has been other years. We spent most of our time in the curriculm fair spending money rather than attending all the sessions. Carebear and I did get to spend a lot of time together, which more than anything was the highlight of the weekend.

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