Saturday, October 28, 2006


Caleb went to be with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ yesterday morning at 6:30am. Even though his condition seemed stable, he was not improving and it would seem that he was just tired of fighting.
I am so thankful that he now has a new body, and for the first time he is able to talk and walk.
Caleb's life celebration will be Wednesday November 1, 2pm at Hope Fellowship Church. All are welcome.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Caleb went into the hospital Monday which has really thrown us for a tizzy.
He has a really bad pneumonia in both his lungs and possibly in his blood.
We are going through a roller coaster of emotions as the doctors will tell
us that he might not make it, then they tell us that he may pull through.
The fact of the matter is that only God knows as this point.

Our breif moment of encouragement came yesterday in the form of Caleb opening his eyes and looking around for about 15 minutes or so. He got to see all of his family and extended family and made us all smile.

We are spending the majority of our time at the hospital and other kids are completely out a whack from the hospital visits and sleep overs at relatives and church family.

Last night as Caleb's blood\oxygen saturation levels continue to drop to an all time low, the doctors took us aside for the second time and told us to make sure to say our goodbye's to Caleb. We had intended to stay the night just in case he passed in the night, but by 10 o'clock, his levels were back up to normal.

Please pray for Caleb, the kids and us as we are struggling through this time. I hope to have some

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Home Owners

As of 12pm, October 6th it is official.

Basement Renovations Update 2

A couple more pictures now that work has started

Baby's room

Our room before the windows

The bathroom

The windows installed and what used to be our beatiful front yard, now destroyed :(

The bedrooms with the new windows

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Basement Renovations Update

Here are the "before" photos of what the basement looked like before any construction. The coffee colored walls are the ones that used to be our bedroom, which will be the new baby;s room. The room with the lumber is what will be our family room, the room with the exercise machine will be our bedroom. And last and least is the laundry room.

Pictures From PCCC

The are the pictures from the cheque presentation ceremony at Superstore. The van you see in the background is our new van. It was an incredible day and overwhelming in a lot of ways as we did not know what to expect.

When we pulled up there were approximatley 30 employees, as well as the store manager and district manager standing in front of the store ready to welcome us. You could tell that these employees really took ownership of the Children's Charity. They were very curious to see who would be receiving the fruit of their labors. It was a great day!

Unqualified To Drive\Live

Were you driving today? Try and think of your drive to work or wherever you were going and ask yourself how aware were you of your driv...