Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Six Habits of Spiritually Happy Men

Patrick Morley http://www.maninthemirror.org/

I've been meeting with men for over three decades. Many of those men exude a contagious joy and contentment. Their lives are peaceable, orderly, and recommend Christ. They’re downright happy!

Most of these happy men exercise six spiritual habits that keep them "abiding in Christ." These six habits are not litmus tests that you can use to judge a man’s walk with Christ. That would be extremely dangerous. These habits do nothing to improve a man’s record with Jesus. They are, however, indicators or “clues” of a deeper commitment to live by faith and make a difference in the world.

Habit #1: Spiritually happy men read the Bible regularly.
Habit #2: Spiritually happy men pray with their wives.
Habit #3: Spiritually happy men are in a small group.
Habit #4: Spiritually happy men are active in a church.
Habit #5: Spiritually happy men tithe.
Habit #6: Spiritually happy men are serving the Lord.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Wise Words

The more secrets you take to the grave,
the sooner you will get there.

Joe W

The Swamps of Sadness

I have not been in a very good mindset for the last while. Little by little I have allowed my faith to be chipped away. As I faltered, my feet started getting more and more caught up in the bog of depression and weighing me down.

Remember on "The Never Ending Story", the Swamps of Sadness? What a great illustration.

Depressions goal is to kill you, first it starts with your mind, your spirit, then your body.

But praise God for he is faithful, here are the events of tonight:

I came home sick from work as I had been having problems with my stomach the previous night and it was now really getting to me. I came home to an empty house and as I relaxed in a nice hot tub I realized how depressed I really was, so I started praying. After a while I got out and decided to turn on some worship music and read God's word. As I prayed and worshiped my stomach pains all of a sudden stopped, wow!

God then gave me a vision of a church and people worshiping, I felt that this was his leading so I hopped on my bike and started riding. Well I didn't know where I was going so I decided to head over to my friend Darcy's house, I though he might have a piece of the puzzle. Well I got to his house and nobody was home, hmmm, I wonder if I heard right. So I decided to bike downtown. Well there is a lot of construction around his house right now and all the detours lead me towards the river, but even those paths were blocked as well. Disappointed, I decided to ride home starting to regret riding all the way over hear for nothing.

As I pondered what direction I was going to take home I heard music, and as I looked a little closer that was a stage setup by the skateboard park. Turns out that a church was doing an outreach down there and giving a little concert. So I went over and listened for a while and met some great people. I love it when He shows himself like that when we take those first steps of obedience.

Peace out

Unqualified To Drive\Live

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