Sunday, November 11, 2007

Family Update

Hi all, I thought I should give you a little update as to what has been going on in our home as I am not blogging much these days.

Well as you can imagine the period from October 27th to November 1st was not a lot of fun. We went to Caleb’s grave site and remembered him as we shivered in the cold. Afterwards we went to Saskatoon Asian and spent some time as a family. This period of time was very difficult on our marriage, we were not coming together in our grief but rather coming against each other. We are taking joy in the fact that we are past all the firsts, the first Christmas, birthday, anniversary of his death and funeral. Hopefully the next year will be easier.

We haven’t had time to celebrate our anniversary yet (11 years) but we will hopefully take some time in the coming weeks.

Last night Sarah surprised me with a birthday party. I still can’t believe she pulled it off without me expecting a thing, I was sure that I would have suspected something. She invited all my guy friends and Chris (my brother-in-law) snuck in my house and setup several computers and networked them together. Needless to say we had a great “Christian” time of fellowship and blowing each other up until the wee hours of the morning. I am still recovering.

I started a new job at the end of September. I am commercial installer, installing cable, internet and phone services. As you can imagine going from a computer technician to a cable installer has been a bit of a culture shock for me but I love every minute of it. I found that with computers there were so many times I could get a computer working, but I didn’t really feel like a fixed the problem. With my new job there is no grey areas, either the signal is there and it is working, or it isn’t. With my string of perfectionism this is a really good fit. They have an unbelievable benefits package and I get every TV service (including HD), internet and phone for $100\month. This really helps our bottom line. Also my hours are 8am-4:30pm Monday to Friday, I have not have hours like those for a while.

Sarah is home schooling like crazy this year. We have both seen major growth in her and her ability to organize and keep focused. And the proof is in the pudding as the kids are always excited to tell me about what they learned during the day when I come home.

Noah is in Tae Kwon Do this year and is really enjoying it, it seems to be a better fit for him than soccer. He would play computer games and game boy all day if we let him, so we are trying to find the positives in that and get him into some educational software. Noah blows us away with his home schooling, he is so smart, and the weird thing is, is that his favourite subject is math! Hard to believe he is my son :)

Isaiah’s extracurricular activity this year is an arts and crafts class. This is totally up her alley as she spends much time at home coloring, painting, cutting, gluing and leaving a mess wherever she goes. She is still in ballet as well and is now in her second year.

Sarah enrolled Faith in a 2 year old dance class called “Move to Music”, this was put on by our community association at a local school. Faith loves it, but after the second class the teacher quit. So Sarah picked up the slack and started leading the class. It has kind of become a family project as I am the DJ and the kids assist Sarah in helping the kids. There are anywhere from 2-6 kids per week. Faith’s vocabulary expands every day and can now communicate most of what she wants. She still surprises us with some of the words that she incorporates in her sentences.

Elishah is growing like crazy, she is almost 9 months old, wow where does time go. Sarah is in the process of weaning her which means we are now into baby food and bottles. Elishah is crawling and pulling herself up on furniture. She can go from a crawl to sitting and turn around using that method.

Sarah and I have started leading a care group (which we call a life group), we have 3 other couples and one single girl. This has been stretching for us to say the least, and the timing of it with Caleb’s anniversary made it that much more difficult. It is obvious that God has called us into a time of stretching our faith and teaching us about leadership. I feel that once we get our bearings about us we will see the blessing.

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